Be a Man or Woman for Others – Apply for BC Soars!

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Silicon Valley Comes to the Heights – Lean In Edition

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Don’t Cry Over Spilt Pearls

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Fanny Packs For The Win

Fanny packs hold a near and dear place in my heart. My father, John, has been wearing a fanny pack almost my entire life. No – I am not kidding. Yes – he is the only one outside of Disney World vacationers who requires a fanny pack for everyday activities. However, it has become a staple in his wardrobe, and I admire his personal determination to blend style with utility. You rock, Dad.


JC rocking the pack at BC Parents’ Weekend

You know before I even wrote this that you already wanted to buy a Marathon Monday fanny pack. Of course you do because EVERYONE is already getting one. My dad alone should be convincing enough. (I am pretty sure this was on the cover of Vogue last fall.) If you need another reason, look no further than the BC  motto– men and women for others.

Others for Women, an initiative to simultaneously support BC student-run businesses in addition to women’s charities, will receive 5% of the profits from each Marathon Monday fanny pack sold. It is perfect for holding your phone, ID, and whatever else you need for MM, so your hands are free to cheer and high-five EVERY runner that passes by! Click here to place your order:

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 5.52.21 PM

Others for Women will give the funds directly to the Somaly Mam Foundation, which is dedicated to eliminating human trafficking in the world for women and children. This organization has partnered with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn‘s Half the Sky movement.

Women around the world need the support of others, especially BC students, to empower them. Please support Marathon Monday runners, a BC business, and most importantly, the Somaly Mam Foundation.  Please spread the word to increase the number of fanny packs sold which will increase the number of women we can help! Thank you for your support of this important cause.

Be Inspired By Style

Coco Chanel inspires me.

Her passion for bold jewelry and her forward-thinking, yet elegant way of incorporating masculine elements into clothing designs for women established her as a visionary in the fashion world.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.07.07 PM

 via Chanel

Today, I was fortunate enough to have a meeting with Richard Gingras, Head of News and Social Products at Google, as part of Boston College’s Tech Trek Spring Break Field Study. A 1973 Boston College graduate, Richard spoke to myself and twenty-three other students about changing trends in technology and media. He emphasized the importance of, as students, getting comfortable with being creative. He mentioned a blog being one good outlet for such expression. It is my philosophy that if someone as important as the Head of Google News and Social Products says you should start a blog, you better do it.

When I originally thought of creating this blog last year with the title, Styles I Liked, I wanted it to be solely about clothing styles that inspired me. Yet, as I thought about what Richard said today, I realized I could be inspired by clothing styles, life styles, business styles, and more. I was limiting by ability to express creativity with only a single topic to produce content for. Now, I can hopefully combine my varied passions, including but not limited to fashion, technology, entrepreneurship, global women’s empowerment, and ultimate frisbee, on one platform.

Inspired by his volunteer work at BC, Richard stressed the importance of recognizing the opportunities you have been given in life so that you are ready to also give back to your community. I hope this outlet will be a starting step in my determination to prove how grateful I am for the opportunities I have been given, while also seeking out ways to offer others similar opportunities to others.

I launch my blog on the 5th day of March, a simple homage to Madame Chanel’s lucky number, in the hopes it will be a good luck charm for me as it was for her, as I take Richard’s advice in pushing myself beyond my creative comfort zone and finding what people and ideas I am truly passionate about.

Stylishly Yours,