Mondays With Margaret – Succeed With Style

I would like to consider my closet one of my personal joys – color coded and organized (most days). Margaret of Margaret Batting Image Communications has joined us today to continue her “Mondays with Margaret” series on looking fabulous at every possible opportunity by getting your wardrobe in shape. Her tips offer ways to create glam outfit combinations for each of life’s occasions.

Succeed With Style: Look Your Best 24/7

The key to looking good and maintaining a consistent image? It’s having a plan, and then working the plan.  Most people don’t give much thought to their wardrobe and what it really says about them.  We forget that our clothes, accessories, hair, makeup and even our shoes tell a story about who we are and where we are headed.  If you invest some time and energy into your image, getting ready each day should be fairly easy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 2.06.33 AM

Another benefit is that you really will get results.  I know it’s difficult to look pulled together everyday, and I am not suggesting perfection. However, if you want to look like you’re serious about your work, it’s worth the time to create a plan and a system.  Here are ten tips to get you started:

1. Get in your closet once and for all and clean it out.  Try on everything, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it fit and flatter my current body shape and size?
  • Is it still in style? If it’s over 5 years old it is time to let go. Yes, really.
  • Does the color make me look vibrant or drab?
  • Is it in good shape or has it seen better days?
  • Do I love it? (Really, let it go if you don’t- you are NEVER going to wear it.)

2. Create three piles:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Fix (Dry Clean, tailor, resole shoes, etc.)

3. Make a list of what you need to replace or add to your wardrobe and set a budget.

4. Schedule time to shop. Monday evenings are best when everyone else is home eating dinner..

5. Use the list while shopping.  It helps keep you on task and prevents your from buying items that become orphans in your closet.

6. Skip a sale item just because it is a good deal.  Your new purchases should coordinate with at least three other items in the closet.

7. Once home, create new outfits by combining new items with older ones.

8. Take pictures of the new combinations and post them in your closet for quick reference.  They can aid in packing too.

9. Organize your clothes by style and then by color.  It helps you to see what you have more easily.

10.  Display your accessories, scarves, bags, and shoes.  Out of sight out of mind.

Once you have gone through these steps and created a wardrobe that reflects your authentic style and a closet that is easy to maneuver, getting ready should be a piece of cake.



As I discussed in my first post, Margaret is offering a 10% discount to all of my readers with the code Styles I Like for her two introductory services. Thank you, Margaret, for your seventh post! I look forward to your next installment.

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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Note: This post was sponsored by Margaret Batting Image Communications


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