Decor Spotlight – Biha Designs

Decorating chicly on a low budget?

It sounds like an oxymoron. Students and young professionals often don’t have the funds to buy elaborate or expensive home accents for their dorm rooms or apartments. Yet, this simple fact should not deter one from searching out low cost but high style accents in person and online. Today, I would like to introduce Biha Designs to my readers!

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.27.51 PM

Oud Perfume Bottle Canvas Painting Neon Pink 

I asked Nabeela Ismail to explain her inspiration for starting this Etsy shop. She wrote, “Having grown up in the UK, I have always loved art and graduated with a degree in art history… Biha Designs is a natural extension of myself as I can’t imagine doing anything not art-related.” She worked in a high-end art gallery for a year to give her greater insight into the process of working with artists and selling their work.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.30.33 PM

CANDY HeART Art Collaged Frame Piece

The work at the gallery got her interested in the concept of selling more affordable, accessible and trendy art pieces to modern women. She wrote, “They are not necessarily investment pieces, but [they are] more a reflection of a lifestyle. My aim is to make fun art pieces that any girl would want to display in their office space or on their living room shelf to give a pop of colour and interest.”  Biha Designs was created from this dream. “I love colour and this evident in all my pieces [ featured on Biha Designs],” she assured me. As Nabeela is now based in Dubai, some of her pieces incorporate local culture and symbolism, whilst at the same time focusing on international trends. She confessed, ” Neon has been a huge trend for the past year, so I am enjoying incorporating this trend into some of my [current selections].” She concluded by explaining the cornerstone of her collection, the heART series. “[This] came about through my love of hearts, a result of falling in love and getting married two years ago! I enjoy experimenting with colour palettes and combinations, and these pieces aim to appeal to the girl who has a certain personality or a love for certain colours.” Nabeela’s designs definitely appeal to this girl. She has graciously sent me the two pieces I featured above: the CANDY HeART Art Collaged Frame Piece and the Oud Perfume Bottle Canvas Painting Neon Pink. I cannot wait to witness her future plans for expansion, which include adding poster prints and larger canvas pieces to her collection. Stay tuned for more Biha Designs spotlights in the near future!

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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Please Note: I received compensation from Biha Designs. All opinions are my own, and experiences are genuine.


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