Rent the Runway. Then, Rent Your Textbooks.

Is it really almost August? Somehow, in a whirl of this internship, a long 4th of July weekend, and an ultimate frisbee beach tournament, it is already time to begin thinking about our return to school. Now, I hope it does not seem like I am trying to rush the summer away. I believe, however, it does make it an easier transition to head back in September if you can start checking things off your to-do list now.

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One easy thing to do NOW is order your textbooks for your fall semester. If you are anything like me, you are over paying for books that you may use or you may not. We have all gone to class on the first day and had at least one professor say, “You will not require the required textbook for this semester.”

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If you are looking to get prepared for school but aren’t willing to spend $100 bucks or more to have your book sit there unused for the semester, check out Campus Book Rentals. Working as a Boston College Campus Manager, I am already in favor Renting the Runway. [Watch this video to see why!] Here are reasons to consider renting not only for stylish occasions but also for academic purposes.

Perks of Renting from CBR

-Save 40-90% Off Bookstore Prices

-Free Shipping Both Ways

-Can Highlight Rentals

-Flexible Renting Periods

RentBack.Com (My Favorite!)

Another important reason to rent? With each textbook rented, CBR donates to Operation Smile, an organization dedicated to “[healing] children’s smiles, forever changing their lives.” My high school, Villa Walsh Academy, hosts a powderpuff football game every autumn to raise funds for Operation Smile, and VWA students often go on mission trips to assist on-site.

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(Stay tuned for fellow blogger, friend, and Operation Smile Student Ambassador, Kelly Brand of Peonies and Subtleties, who will be guest posting on Styles I Like later this summer.)

I hope you will consider renting your textbooks from CBR, and use the money you save to do something fantastic… like Rent the Runway!

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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This post is sponsored by Campus Book Rentals.


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